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Located in the thriving community of Billerica, Massachusetts, Razzy’s is a family-run commercial kitchen specializing in custom baking and catering. We serve residents and visitors in the Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire area with baked goods and catered meals that are always made using the freshest and finest ingredients.

About Razzy's Bakery

Quality, Creative Catering

Razzy’s is passionate about baking and catering meals for events of all sizes and types. We love seeing smiles on the faces of our happy customers when their family and guests are enjoying our quality baked goods and catered meals.

When it comes to your special event, you can count on us to make things memorable. We can feed any number of people and we also provide beautiful table settings for a perfect presentation. Whether you need a creative specialty cake, a delicious (and fresh) catered breakfast or luncheon, or the whole works, Razzy’s can provide everything you need to make your event very special indeed.

A Passion for Cooking, and Family

Growing up in a big Italian family, there was always food around. Our mother used to have an in-home cake business, so there was always a wedding cake on the table, and was instrumental in creating our passion for cake decorating.

Razzy’s is truly a family-run business, in every sense of the word. Owners Nancy and Lucy are two of the seven Maiullari sisters, raised from a long line of cooks and bakers. Our sister, Ruth, recently joined Razzy’s team as well. We are a small, close-knit team that works hard and we aren’t afraid to lean on our other family members for help. Our nieces, nephews, children, and other sisters can often be found in the kitchen or helping out with catering events.

Maiullari Family
Lucy Maiullari

Lucy went to culinary school in the 80’s and ran her own business for six years, focusing on deli and catering at the time. In 2013, Lucy and Nancy purchased Razzy’s, where Lucy is the planner, coordinator, and laborer of the group, who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Lucy Maiullari Nancy Maiullari
Nancy Maiullari

Nancy grew to love decorating cakes at a young age, with inspiration from her mother’s in-home cake business. Lucy affectionately calls her the “creative genius of the operation.” Nancy and Razzy’s head baker, Michelle, design and decorate all of the specialty cakes and other desserts.

How Razzy’s Got Its Name

Our father’s given name was Erasmo; however, when he was in first grade, his teacher said she didn’t like his name, so she changed it to Harold. Others who had trouble saying or remembering his name called him “Fat” or “Tiny” for no particular reason. When Nancy and Ruth owned a bar in Somerville, they wanted to name it after their father, but didn’t like any of his existing nicknames.

A play on his full name, Erasmo, “Razzy’s” became the name of the bar, which is ironic, since their father never drank a day in his life. When the bar closed in 2010, the name lingered, and eventually became the perfect tribute to their father – the name of their family-run bakery and catering business.

Maiullari Family
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